Basic Moisturizers: The Ultimate Top 3 (June 2012)

Here are the runners down for basic moisturizers (priced under 0).

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion   $13 (1.7oz), $24.50 (4.2oz)

Allure Best of Beauty 1996; Best of Beauty Hall of Fame 2011; Readers’ Choice 2011-2012

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief   $36 (1.7oz), $48.50 (2.5oz)

One ‘drink’ and skin looks and feels happier, healthier. Oil-free.

Shiseido Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizing Cream   $75 (50ml), $95 (75ml)

Key ingredient Bio-Revitalizing Complex reinforces skin’s elasticity and firmness since product launched in 1988

Which one(s) have you used before? Not surprisingly, people continue to patriot reliable products that are priced right – they are indeed very affordable. I used Clinique products in my teens and even in my early-twenties. It’s great for combination skin and acne-prone skin on younger people. I probably won’t find anyone who hasn’t used Clinique’s Dramatically Different line. This lotion is not greasy and moisturizes well. I would recommend this to anyone under 25.

Clinique’s Moisture Surge line is another great buy. Nothing beats dewy skin after applying this gel-cream as an emergency mask or leaving it overnight. If you plan to use this overnight, I recommend layering a light facial lotion over Moisture Surge to achieve the best result. This line is so popular that a cream, Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator ($36, 1.7oz), has been released under the same line but personally I still prefer the original.

The Shiseido Bio-Performance line is the most bang for the buck. I love using their creme at night. The Bio-Performance eye cream was my staple item in my twenties and I had “strongly recommended” (more like forced) my friends who didn’t have the habit of using eye cream to use it; and they all rave about it afterwards. At a random trip to Sephora last year, a girl was asking about eye cream and the salesperson immediately took her to see Bio-Performance eye cream and said how miraculous it worked. Bio-Performance series has branched out from the original Advanced Super Revitalizing Cream to Whitening Formula (50ml, $98) and Super Restorating Creme (50ml, $98). To be honest, I do not see visible brightening results from using the Whitening Formula, but it is just as wonderful as any Bio-Performance product. I find the Super Restorating Creme too rich for my combination skin and often get breakouts from using it. If you haven’t tried Bio-Performance, I insist that you must!