Baby Teether: The Ultimate Top 3 (August 2012)

Next to his teddy bear, a teether is probably your child’s most played with toy in his first few months to years.  Teethers not only help to sooth sore gums, but also offer a form of entertainment and a learning experience on muscle control.  Here are a few favorite teethers available.

1. Sophie the Giraffe by Vulli   (Retail .00, Buy Here $18.25)

This has pretty much become the cult toy of the 21st century, and if you are a new mum/dad and have not heard of this toy, then I must ask – which planet have you been living on the last few years?  It is very obvious why this toy has become so popular, celebrities love it, mums love it, babies love it, heck even my dog loves it!  It is made of natural rubber so you don’t have to worry about it being toxic – tick! The coloring on the toy is naturally derived – tick! It squeaks –tick! And the dots on the giraffe stimulate the baby’s brain –tick! Making it an all round safe, fun toy/teether for babies 0 months +.

My only problem with Sophie the Giraffe is she cannot be attached to a conventional binkie strap, it will only work with those straps that uses a large plastic loop that will go around Sophie’s neck (like this Munchkins pacifier leash).  Otherwise I have to let my son play with it in his crib, which can be a bit of a nuisance.

2. Baby Banana Bendable Training Tooth Brush   (Retail $8.49, Buy Here $8.37)

Made of 100% silicon this adorable banana shaped toothbrush teaches your baby to get used to the sensation of getting their teeth brushed.  The chewy silicon is also good for sore gums during teething periods and I really like how the wide banana peel handles teaches the baby how to grip onto the banana with their hands, and also allows for a soother strap to be attached.

I think this is a pretty cute toy but probably not suitable for babies who are keen biters as the bristles look as though they will come off if baby chews on it vigorously, once your babies have a few teeth you can switch to the big baby version of this brush

3. Razbaby Razberry Teether  (Retail $5.99, Buy Here $4.99)

I really like the idea of this teether as it allows the baby to chew on it without having to take it out or dropping it etc.  However when buying this teether please buy the baby pink or baby blue version as those two are one single piece unlike the others which are made with two pieces glued together and may possibly choke your child.  Other than that it is a great teether and will definitely come in handy to help relieve those uncomfortably sore gums.  I also recommend the Tommee Tippee close to nature teether, it’s quite similar in design in that it fits into the baby’s mouth but its designed like a mouth guard so the silicon part goes all the way around a baby’s teeth so all of the gum areas can be massaged.