Favluv Philosophy

Are you tired of researching laboriously for the ultimate beauty product? Have you ever wondered how you may ever save yourself time and energy to get the absolute best moisturizer without resorting to reading tons of online reviews or spending money on new products you saw on magazines?

Here is your answer: Favluv.com has done the work so you won’t need to.

We have extracted top three beauty products in different categories by tabulating          weekly best-seller results from four major U.S. department stores and a French beauty-chain conglomerate.  We also study user reviews and take into account reputable beauty awards. While we realize that numerous beauty products exist and new, innovative ones release annually; there has to be a methodological, scientific way to assess the creme of the crop.  And we think we have found it.

We have also decided to keep up with the latest trend by choosing “top three” products monthly! That’s right! No more shopping anxieties, and you can be assured that you’ll be buying the best when you shop through our website! We look for great deals on our Top 3 through Amazon.  If we don’t find it, then we’ll post its product homepage.

Who are we? Enthusiastics like you, tired of all the efforts spent for our relentless pursuit on the “perfect” beauty essential in order to make us look and feel better.  What’s more exciting than to share our real findings with others?  Favluv.com is not affiliated with any of these products and certainly does not bais our polls by taking endorsements.

Here’s great video on how overwhelming number of choices could actually hinder your happiness. Reminds you of your endless search on the right product through hundreds of reviews, websites and magazines?! TED speech by psychologist Barry Schwartz on The Paradox of Choice-Why More Is Less.